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The Cascade Paragliding Club is dedicated to the advancement of paragliding and hang gliding in this region through the education of its members in safety and general knowledge of the sport, the development and maintenance of local flying sites and through the comradeship of fellow pilots.

Monthly Meeting:
Back Stage Bar, 3702 S.E. Hawthorne
(503) 236-9234

Usually on the first Tuesday of the month.

FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions: Oregon TFRs

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Most recent Google Group messages
A few spots left for Iquique, Chile in November! (Commercial post from Kevin Lee)
Kevin Lee/ Thermal Tracker Paragliding: Hi Folks, November is just around the corner and there are still a few spots in this Novembers tour to Iquique, Chile.  Check out the link below and the attached program, than come join us for some great flying! Iquique is a great location where you (P1-P4) will get a ton of flying during your visit
Tala Demo Video Over Bingen
Jon Malmberg: Ack.... that link is now dead... Sorry, but the video is now here.  Enjoy...
Tala Demo Video Over Bingen
Steve B: Nice On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 6:52:40 PM UTC-7, Jon Malmberg wrote:Put a few cameras on my head and went out for a Tala flight.  Enjoy an informational bit that shows the Bruce Goldsmith Designs Tala in action. The wing is an EN C in the medium (80-100kg) size. Enjoy, Jon Malmberg https://www
flying today
Mark Sanzone: Too light here and occasional sprinkles.  Margarita time instead....Mark  On Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:43 PM, "" wrote: Fort ebey on whidbey island is on so i imagine its coming. Rip it Sent from my Sprint phone.  ------ Original message------ F
flying today
John Kraske: Fort ebey on whidbey island is on so i imagine its coming. Rip it Sent from my Sprint phone. ------ Original message------ From: ' Mark Sanzone' via Cascade Paragliding Club Date: Tue, 9/30/2014 12:04 PM To:;; Subject:RE: CPC: flying today I am
{RVHPA} SFBAPG List, alert from Mark Bernier
John Kraske: Awe yes, where would we (we being those of us who foot launch free fly) be if we prescribed t government fear mongering? Sent from my Sprint phone. ------ Original message------ From: Jeff Wishnie Date: Tue, 9/30/2014 9:44 AM To: John; Cc: ohga...@yahoogroups.c
{RVHPA} SFBAPG List, alert from Mark Bernier
John Kraske: Unfortunately the media is more about drama than fact these days. Our society thrives on drama, that's why we go to movies, read fiction, watch professional sports and the six o'clock news...and, its why people gossip, ..all about the drama.  On the positive side there are those of us who can wade t
flying today
Mark Sanzone: I am at the coast until Wed. I plan to try CLO this afternoon when the NW winds turn on. Calm now. Mark Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone From: ; To: CPC Groups ; Subject: CPC: flying today Sent: Tue, Sep 30, 2014 4:39:4
{RVHPA} SFBAPG List, alert from Mark Bernier
Luke: I agree with these responses and I think Eric sums it up very well. I will add that a few years back my wife and I, along with our oldest son, were in Juarez which had a more serious advisory: It also had been ranked one of the two or three “most dangerous cities in the world” by a number of news so
Baldy Butte Fly In Report
David Le: Arrived Friday afternoon to clear skies with some small cumus in the distance but nothing too concerning with light winds from the S. 6 pilots and I had a thorough site intro from Naomi, local pilot from Ellensburg. Launched from the S to nice ridge lift and scratched for an hour to beautiful views
{RVHPA} SFBAPG List, alert from Mark Bernier
-ERiC-MiLLER-: I'd have to agree.  When I went to Zimbabwe for 3 months some concerned people sent me links to this type of stuff but I went anyhow and found it to be perfectly safe.  Mexico has been getting a bad rap these days due to the drug crime, which is prob very real, but the locals will all tell you it's
{RVHPA} SFBAPG List, alert from Mark Bernier
jeffrey wishnie: Don’t read too much into those state department notices. They are _extremely_ conservative. They issued a similar notice for ALL of western Europe last year or the year before.  -- Jeff On August 22, 2014 at 10:00:48 AM, John Bailey ( wrote: Nice post, Mark. Thanks. U.S.
flying today
Luke: Anyone want to take a chance on Sollie or CLO?
Brazil flights
steed: I finally placed my Brazil flights on Leonardo.  The Brazil trip was excellent all-around by my standards, until 6AM one morning when it wasn't.  A tumor in my head decided to rupture, and Paula had to drag my sorry ass back home, again.  That took a week until diagnosis and surgery, then 3 days in
Sunday Bingen
Jon Malmberg: Great day flying Bingen...  Flew mostly with Travis and Paul.  Paul showed us the way most of the day, topping out just under 6K way back behind the launch. Spent lots of time under the Tala, and over it as well.  Promise there is a Tala demo someplace below in the picture...  I am going to put out