Cascade Paragliding Club

Angora Knob

Only a few flights have been made at this site so information about air conditions is sketchy and requires analysis. The knob launch faces WNW and the hill to the south and west form a ridge that possibly scoops a wind from WNW to NNW. To the north and a bit east are higher hills fronting Onion Peak and Forslund's OWL provides great potential and will be subject of a new page.

View from the launch knob at 1200'

angora knob

Maps to help you get there. Google shows access from Arch Cape Mill Road at the crossing with Arch Cape Creek near a house. That may be on private property with dogs, so I have always avoided that and used the 3rd Road swinging bridge trail. If you use the road right from the start and it works, report back.


creek crossing

hike routes

White dots and blue dots indicate two routes to Angora Knob. Six of one, half a dozen of another as far as time and walking distance, depending on where you land.



On my first flight I was able to get above launch in light conditions


But on the way to the beach I took a route out of the lift zone and sank out, landing on a neighborhood road. Steve Forslund and Dave Cantrell made it to the beach on a different day.

This next image is the view looking back from the beach to the knob.


Submitted by Ancil Nance (503.803.4258 for questions) 5/29/14