Cascade Paragliding Club

Bald Butte North (BBN)

Looking back at launch. Photo by Reed Gleason Bald Butte North

It is a drive-up site, cars can make it. It has great views of Hood, Adams, St. Helens, and Rainier.

The launch faces west, northwest. There is a second lower west face for higher wind launching.

Launch altitude is about 3000 ft. The LZ is about 1500 ft.  The LZ is the large field on Miller Rd. that hang gliders pilots have used for years. It is 4.2:1 glide. There is enough room to top-land under the right conditions. It is a shorter drive up than Bald Butte and not 4-wheel drive. However, large gravel chunks and a steep grade make it difficult for 2WD. There is a nice camping spot right behind launch, next to a hiking/mountain biking/motorcycle trail.


Looking toward the LZ. Photo by Reed Gleason

The site should be good for XC flights. It can work when Bingen and Bald Butte are too windy.

Launch location: N 45 33.069' W 121 32.096'

Directions: Take exit 64 from I-84 and go south on Hwy 35 for 10.3 miles to Pinemont Rd. Turn left on Pinemont and go 1.7 miles and turn right on the gravel road going up the hill.  Go 2.1 miles and go right up the steep dirt road. (Do not go through the large metal gate on the right that is usually closed and locked.) Go up 0.3 mile and go left on the next dirt road.  Go 0.2 mile and turn right into the clear cut to launch.





Local Contacts:
Rick Higgins

Reviewed July 2014 by Erik Otterholt