Cascade Paragliding Club

Coast Range


Many peaks offer tempting flights, but Marys Peak and Prairie Mountain are the only ones with repeated flights over the years. Mt. Hebo has had a couple of sled rides from the middle summit and several short flights from the west summit. The east summit of Hebo is waiting to be flown but it needs a good bailout LZ, at least. Triangulation Peak has been flown a few times but it lacks a good LZ unless one can repeat Steve Forslund's feat of landing near the Wilson River, a few miles away. Kevin Bennett led a group of "loggers" to try to make an LZ at the base of Triangulation Peak, but we never felt safe landing there due to multi-directional winds. Grass Mountain has been scouted but never flown. Kings Mountain looks possible, with some clear areas for launching at the summit, but it has not been flown from yet, lacking a clear choice for a LZ.

Saddle Mountain has had several flights from the middle peak. We landed in a clear-cut area that is reached with a 5:1 glide. Flights have been simple sled rides, and soaring here would take a nice L&V day with a light SW push.

South Saddle (east of highway 6 at the summit) has new clear-cut areas on its summit and could use a new scouting report, as the last time I was there no logging had taken place and it was covered with trees. Gated roads may prevent access. Northeast and east winds would be coming up the cleared areas.


Ancil Nance 2010