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Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain, Gorge

This is a 3000' hike-and-fly with a landing near Grant Lake that can be turbulent, giving collapses near the ground, especially on west wind days. This photo shows Phil Pohl gliding off the summit.

Parking at the Dog Mountain trailhead requires a Washington DiscoverPass, available on-line or at Beacon Rock State Park when the office is open. Or you can park your ride up a dirt road that is just west of the clearing at Grant Lake and then hike a bit further to the trail. The best conditions can be expected when winds are light west or light and variable. East winds can produce turbulence over the west facing launch. It is a long hike and conditions on the river may not stay the same for as long as it takes to hike up. Whitecaps on the river usually indicate that there will be turbulence in the landing zone caused by the trees interrupting the flow.

Dog Summit

Summit view taken by Pete Reagan Oct. 4, 2005 on a light thermal day

Grant Lake

Landing area at Grant Lake. Put a wind indicator where you intend to land. Turbulence is present when the wind is more than 10 MPH. Pilots have been dropped when only 10 to 20 feet over the surface. A parking area is located at the top of the clearing near the highway.

Dog Mountain is a windy place. It will only be fun to fly on the rare light west days, which are also the best days at Bingen. The trees in the landing zone are inexorably growing and the spot is becoming marginal. It has not been used recently. Carefully evaluate the landing possibilities on foot before trying this site. Turbulence is a factor so I guess you should come in as fast as possible, or don't
land there on days when the wind is 12-15 from the west. You can see in the photo that a line of trees creates a pocket lower than the wind would normally travel. If you are flying faster than the reversing turbulence you could make a safe landing, as many have done. A spot out near the river might have less turbulence, especially if the wind is strong but access is limited by fences and fishing camps with No Trespassing  signs.

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