Cascade Paragliding Club

Doug's Beach

Doug's beach

This photo, taken by Pete Reagan, shows Steve Forslund just after launching at the 1700' level, 11/8/05.

Doug's Beach is a hike and fly site on the Washington side of the Columbia River a few miles past Lyle. Launch can be from mid-way up the arm that comes to the river at Doug's Beach, or from the top of the main ridge. Beware of power transmission lines.

The site works best in light east winds, but thermals do arrive from all sides.

Parking costs $5. It is directly across the road from the trail access to the ridge, up an hourglass with scree leading upwards.

Once you get past the hourglass and on to the ridge the hike is mostly over grass covered slopes.

dougs hike

Photo of Ancil by Pete Reagan, 11/8/05.