Cascade Paragliding Club

Hoover Ridge

Hoover Ridge is located near Detroit Lake in the Oregon Cascades. The west-facing launch is at approximately 3500' MSL on a southwest facing hill, and the main LZ is at approximately 1500' MSL. The main LZ is not visible from launch, but as soon as you reach the ridge to the left of launch it becomes visible.

Fly here only when winds aloft are light in the Cascades, and watch out for valley wind speeds increasing during the day. Glassoffs happen. Hopping over the ridge to the right of launch puts you more directly into northwest winds and thermals, but the air can be turbulent due to the tight canyons in front.

We do not have permission from USFS to cut trees in front of launch.


This view from launch is almost west. One hopes for winds from down the lake to gently poke around up toward launch.

Directions to Site:
From I-5 just south of Salem, take Hwy 22 east toward Detroit. Just before Detroit, turn left onto NFD 46 toward Breitenbush, etc. Set odometer to 0.
At 3.1, turn right onto 4695.
At 4.0, bear right, staying on main route.
At 4.5, go straight, not left.
At 6.5, go left on #130.
At 9.2, turn left
At 9.7 is the launch.
The road is very good all the way.

The main LZ was located next to the highway 3.5 miles SE of Detroit just before reaching the town of Idanha. Check it before flying as conditions change and trees grow. There is a better LZ next to the lake, but depending on the water level and the season it can be small and marshy.



Note that the LZ is near a row of trees, so on windy days stay toward the upriver end, and put wind indicators in the LZ before using it. Wind can also come down to the LZ from the hills across the river to the west.

Reed Gleason
Ancil Nance

First flown by Jim Donaldson 7/22/95 - 62 minutes, and probably Harry Kaufman
Another recorded early flight, Harry Kaufman and Steve Roti 6/8/98

Submitted by: Reed Gleason
Last Revision Date: 9/18/2000

Map Link

Launch is at the tip of the white arrow, LZs at the red Xs. When it is soarable the wind comes up the launch canyon and in the LZ at Idanha it is usually from the northwest, but has been known to be cross-canyon there too. Late in the day air drops into the LZ from the southwest. This LZ needs flagging before use.