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Description: A grassy bowl in North Portland overlooking the Lower Willamette industrial area. John B has flown this site in the past, but others who have tried to kite have found the winds cross or gusty, which makes sense because it’s on the edge of a narrow river valley downwind from 1000’ hills…
Works Best When: SW (?), strength (?)
Hazards: Becoming airborne with nowhere to land but warehouses and train tracks, power lines, street.
Getting there: It’s right on the # 35 bus line.
Address: 3100 N Willamette Blvd, Portland, OR 97217
Google Maps Link: 45.564995, -122.698436?

Madrona Madrona Madrona

Harbor View Park
Description: A large flat open field adjacent to the Lower Willamette River below the University of Portland. This is a cleaned-up Superfund site owned by the University and they are planning to develop sports fields in the next couple years (2012).
Works Best When: S – W (?), strength (?)
Hazards: Access may be difficult; roads are most likely gated at the top of the bluff – respect gates, fences, and construction areas.
Address: 5828 N Van Houten Ave., Portland, OR 97203
Getting there: Take the #35 bus or park above, and walk down.
Google Maps Link: 45.576937, -122.737738?

Harbor View

Stuart Caruk's Hay Field in Vancouver
Description: A hay field by the weigh scales in Vancouver Washington, about 15 miles north of the Columbia River bridge on I-5. The winds are consistent and there is a porta-john just on the other side of the fence at the weigh scales.
Works Best When: Any direction.
Hazards: Getting dragged, stray golf balls (Stu has given his permission to let golfers know they are trespassing if they come on his property to retrieve their balls, especially if they complain that you are causing a distraction or hit his building!). Of course don’t use the field if there is hay growing: contact Stu at 360-887-1930 first if you have any doubt.
Address: 1799 NW 289th St. Ridgefield, WA 98642
Getting there: From I-5 about 15 miles north of the Columbia River take exit 14 and wiggle your way North to the SE corner of the Tri Mountain Golf course, and turn left. Park on the turnaround and hike across the ditch with your gear.
Google Maps Link: 45.830265,-122.691838

Caruk's hay field

G's Paramotor Spot (Permission problems here, do not use for now.)
Description: An empty industrial lot near the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. Used for paramotoring and excellent for kiting: “Especially good if you actually want to improve since it’s not a nice low cut flat grass park.  It’s a sandy soft lumpy area about super huge size and has killer manicured grass fold up areas only big enough for two or three wings, but located at three corners of the area. Works in any wind direction and usually isn’t blown out although can be strong in the afternoons. Partially affected by the weather system "Columbia," but it is one full mile from the river.  It’s a strangely serene place among monoliths of industry
Works Best When: Any direction.
Hazards: Lombard Street
Address: 14510 N Lombard St., Portland, OR 97203
Getting there: Drive out past St. Johns toward Smith and Bybee lakes and Kelley Point Park, on either Marine Drive or Lombard Street.
Google Maps Link: 45.6331888889,-122.767152778

G's Paramotor Spot

Kelley Point Park
Description: A Portland Parks and Rec park at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers that is mostly wooded but has some open grassy areas and gentle hills that could work well in the right wind directions, and it has beach access along the rivers.
Works Best When: N-NW (?)
Hazards: Trees, picnickers, water.
Address: N Kelly Point Park Rd, Portland, Oregon 9720
Getting there: Follow N Marine Dr. to the end of the island. Park in the lot and hike out through the park.
Google Maps Link: Kelley Point Park

Kelley Point Park Kelley Point Park

Dickinson Park
Description: (Thanks Sarge.) Dickinson City Park is near the Tigard Fred Meyer off SW 55th. A little playground on the E side has a really nice built-up plateau that gives a good spot to kite &/or launch your wing.  The place is approximately 8-10 acres of sloping open area that faces W-SW and it's possible to get short hops when the wind is right. With the playground you should be able to take the kids along and let them play while you play too. -fun!   The city keeps the grass mowed pretty well, so there's no bushes, etc. to get in the way.  This place is a sparsely used site, so you won't have issues like you can run into when you want to do some kiting at some of the local high school playgrounds
Works Best When: SW-W Don’t go if the wind is S, NW, N, or any kind of E.
Hazards: Dickinson Park is also a dog-walk area, ... watch your footing!
Address: 10500 SW 55th Ave., Portland OR 97219
Getting there: Take Exit 295 off I-%, Left on Taylor’s Ferry Road, Left on SW 55th.
Google Maps Link: Dickinson City Park

Dickinson Park

Franklin High School
Description: A high school in SE Portland at Division and 52nd with a large north-facing field.
Works Best When: NE-NW
Hazards: “Glider-grabbin’ trees at the top of the hill.”
Address: 5405 SE Woodward, Portland, OR 97206
Getting there: Access from the parking lot in the NE corner of the school, or at the end of SE Clinton St.
Google Maps Link: Franklin High School

Franklin H.S. Franklin H.S.

West Delta Park/Portland International Raceway
Description: A large open grassy field between a wetland and the Portland International Raceway. This is an off leash dog park so inspect before you kite.
Works Best When: Should work in any direction.
Hazards: Dogs
Address: 1809 N Broadacre Rd., Portland OR 97217
Getting there: Follow directions to Portland International Raceway, which is off I-5 at Exit 306-B.
Google Maps Link: West Delta Park

West Delta Park

Spring Garden Park
Description: A north-facing city park in SW Portland with a slight drop between Dolph Ct. and Spring Garden St.
Works Best When: N
Hazards: Dog waste.
Address: 3332 SW Spring Garden St, Portland, OR 97219
Getting there: It’s just north of the intersection of SW Barbur Blvd and 30th Ave.
Google Maps Link: Spring Garden Park

Spring Garden Park

Hosford Middle School
Description: A west-facing school field near SE Sherman and 27th with a slight hill facing SW and NW, plenty of room to walk about with a wing, no obstructions.
Works Best When: SW to NW 5 to 8 mph
Hazards: Dog waste. Crowded with kids during school hours.
Address: 3332 SW Spring Garden St, Portland, OR 97219
Getting there: It’s just north of Division and south of Grant at 27th if 27th was a street but it is not, it is the field
Google Maps Link

1 hosford lookin NW 2 hosford looking SW Map hosford

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