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Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda
Cape Kiwanda ©Eric Miller2013

Cape Kiwanda is a good place to practice kiting. Go to Pacific City and walk out to the dunes. North and south sides have potential. You can drive in on the north side if you go down a primitive road a short hop from the Woods junction. See map below.

Description of Site:

The Cape is a large sand dune near Pacific City, OR. It can be flown on the north or south side. The south side is closed April 1 through September 30th because of dory launching. In light conditions (early or late in the day) the site is appropriate for beginners. Winds of about 15 MPH are required for soaring. High winds are common midday with velocities exceeding 30+ MPH. It is possible to drive to north launch along beach. 4WD is recommended.

The beach access road is just south of the junction of Sandlake Rd. and Ferry Rd., shown as a red X below. Some large rocks in the creek bed at the end of the access road need to be avoided. Cars with good clearance can make it. Driving on the sand has its problems, so go prepared with a shovel, tow chain, and a pump to put air back in your tires in case you have to let air out to get better traction.

Site Protocol:

Weekends bring hang gliding students and instructors. Be sensitive to these pilots and be careful to yield right-of-way. Do not park in the LZ below the dune. There are State Park Service rules and regulations posted with flying protocols and should be observed at all times. Use special caution because of crowded conditions.


kiwanda access screen shot shows a red X over the the beach access road just south of the Sandlake/Ferry Rd. junction. Use this information to access for different views.

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Revision Date: 12/16/91