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Neahkahnie is a site on Highway 101. The launch is from just below a parking area on the corner curve. Fly this site with someone experienced here. It is a cliff launch that faces south, southwest.

This launch is totally unforgiving for launching errors. Due to the severe steepness of the launch, you must be 100% confident in your ability to kite and control your wing without adjusting your body position. Any step downhill without sufficient wing pressure is a commitment to launch. It is recommended to only attempt launching in ideal launch conditions with enough wind to easily inflate your glider. It is also recommended to hike 50 meters south along the highway to get an accurate reading of the true wind direction.

Can be launched in SE, S or SW winds. Don't get fooled by wind wrapping around and coming up in light west or northwest. If you land on the beach at Manzanita you are near a road that comes down from 101 and you can meet your ride there.

If you hike all the way back find your way through private property in the direction you want to go, up toward the new development with larger grassy areas. We don't have permission to do this however. If you fly north and land at Short Sands, Falcon Cove, or even Arch Cape, be prepared for turbulence in lee situations, just as at any other site. If you fly here on a southeast wind, or a west wind (not likely) be prepared for turbulence on the lee side of outcrops, just as at any other site. Landing on the rocks below can produce ankle problems for the un-athletic, so try to make it to the sand. The launch is part of Oswald West State Park, and so far we have not been prohibited. Just don't get dangled off the cliff with a blown launch. Take a look at the alternate launch and imagine a work party making that a primo launch with a nice gentle slope.

Longest flight in distance north of the launch was made by Steve Roti, landing beyond Cape Falcon at Cove Beach. Going south, landings have been made at the golf course at Manzanita. Another, higher, alternate launch was demonstrated once by Steve Forslund, using the clear area just below the south facing summit.



First paraglider flight here was by Tina Pavelic. Others experienced at this site: Jim Donaldson, Steve Forslund, Steve Roti.

Report submitted by Ancil Nance, 2-05-02

Updated on July 2014 by Jim Baldo