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Perpetua  Perpetua


This site, in the state park, is south of Waldport. The launch is at 800', and the LZ is the beach or nearby mounds. The photos tell the story. Go there on a light SW day. Drive up to the top. Walk east along the road to the obvious clear area that faces south. If there is low tide, try landing on the beach. If there is high tide then landings have been made on the  shrubby mounds seen in the photos. Salal tangles occur.

This site has a steep and small launch as well as a difficult landing zone and should only be flown by pilots with good spot landing skills. The beach LZ is tight and may have rotor on SSW or S days and the salal on the flats above is deep.

The launch sits above a cliff. Be mindful that wet grass could lead to a slip.  Check out the beach and alternative LZ before traveling up to launch. Observe how far the surf travels up the beach and check out the salal tangles which may be deceptively deeper than they appear from the air (they may also appear as grass from high up). During higher tides, the beach can be completely in the surf. Even during low tides, the beach LZ is tight. Plan where you are going to land before launching, as the salal flats are a farther glide than the beach.

No contacts in the area at this time. Use Google Maps to scope it and send a report if you fly.

Updated on July 2014 by Mike Steed and Stan Mordensky