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Peterson Butte

peterson butte
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Description of Site: SITE IS OPEN FROM 11/1 THROUGH 5/31. Other times closed for fire hazard. Peterson Butte area Weather Underground

Oregon Geographic Names has this to say:

"Peterson Butte, Linn County. Peterson Butte is southwest of Lebanon and has an elevation of 1430 feet. It was originally called Washington Butte, but in the course of time local custom changed the name to Peterson. It was named in honor of Asa H. Peterson, who crossed the plains in 1845 and settled in that locality. He was one of the party that was piloted from Fort Hall westward by Stephen Meek."

Be off the property before sunset. Call Doug McKay, 541.258.1655, if for some reason you are there after sunset, or if you noticed some sheep running past you as you tried to close a gate, or any other problem.

Predicting? Usually, when the NOAA roundup reports Corvallis winds stronger than 8-10, it has been blown-out at the butte. This does not mean you should not go, since many flights have been made in strong winds, including some interesting bench-ups and blowbacks. How close to the edge do you want to take it?

The south facing slope adjacent to the parking area (721' MSL) is the main hang glider launch. Several higher launches are accessed by hiking up the face ( 900', 1200' MSL) toward the 1431' MSL summit. The upper launches are best for paragliding, although sustained soaring flights in 14 MPH winds have been achieved off the lowest launch (550' MSL). The fields along the entrance road (350' MSL) are usually open for landing in addition to the hillside, and the lower launch. Choose an area away from livestock for landing, especially during lambing season. Beware of the powerlines to the west of the lower launch and along the entrance road.

Peterson Butte is a REGULATED SITE, opened and controlled by the Valley Ville Hang Gliding Association (VVHGA) since the early 1970s. The land owners have been very generous in allowing access to the hill, but have indicated that it will be closed unless we provide them with site liability insurance. The VVHGA has purchased site insurance through the USHPA, and negotiated paragliding privileges on a TRIAL BASIS, with the stipulation that the liability policy stays in effect (hence the USHPA membership requirement). Non-USHPA members flying the site will invalidate the policy. PLEASE HONOR THIS REQUIREMENT!

Directions to Site: From 1-5 southbound, take the Corvallis/Lebanon exit (Hwy 34). Drive east on Hwy 34 about 3.7 miles. Turn right on Steckley Rd, which becomes Sand Ridge Rd and follow 2.7 miles passing Sand Ridge Cemetery. Turn left into the driveway at the 35 mph curve sign and drive SLOWLY (10 mph) to the Cyclone fence between the barn and the house. READ THE SIGNS on the gate. Continue straight through gates. Be sure to leave each gate as you find it, usually closed. After the 3rd gate, follow road up the hill to the parking area at the microwave station. This is the ONLY place you may leave the road. Do not attempt to drive further up the hill.

Site Protocol: USHPA MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED, no flying alone, rated pilots only, no group training, leave gates as found (closed), no driving off of paved road except to park at microwave station, no firearms or hunting, no dogs allowed, no fires, no motorcycles, drive slowly and be courteous to the animals (that may be standing in the middle of the road).

Pilots Experienced At This Site:
Mike Steed
Mark Forbes

SITE IS OPEN FROM 11/1 THROUGH 5/31. Other times closed for fire hazard.

Submitted By: Steve Aden

Reviewed July 2014 by Stan Mordensky

peterson butte