Cascade Paragliding Club

Tierra Del Mar

Tierra del Mar
Photo ©2001 Jim Little

Tierra Del Mar, a site pioneered by Brad Hill and Maren Ludwig was flown by a bigger group (Gregg McMurtrie, Reed Gleason, Jim Little, Rob and Kathy Stevens, Rich Lucero and Toby Harris) in strong west winds. This site, just north of Cape Kiwanda, has no established protocol, just be careful. When it is strong enough to get lift it is also strong enough to get blown back across the highway.

The grassy launch area was apparently created when the road washed out a few years ago. Launch ownership is unknown at this time although we speculate that it may be state park or state highway department land. We're also not sure about property ownership of the parking area just south of the launch site. It has a dirt road that allows beach access for vehicles. The grass is well established on the top layout & launch area. There are several erosion control fences lower down on the dune/hillside and pilots should probably demonstrate the usual courtesy and good sense about avoiding hiking back up in erosion prone areas. There are numerous easy hiking options, including the 5 minute walk back up the highway from the beach just north or south of the launch site.